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A Perfect Seal
Adjustable Bottle Stopper
With a simple twist of the wrist The Perfect Seal™ Adjustable Bottle Stopper gives an airtight seal. Lay your bottle on its side or
even turn it upside down without leaking.  Just twist the top and the neoprene sleeve inside the bottle's neck expands to make an airtight
seal.  A quick reverse twist unseals the stopper for easy removal.  The stopper inserts completely inside the bottle for a low profile appearance.
Expands from .6" to .8" to work on many bottle styles. Stainless steel and chrome plated components.
Cocobola Card Suite
 Canary Wood  Card Suite
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Cocobola Eagle
 Canary Wood Eagle

Cocobola Celtic Scroll
 Canary Wood Celtic Scroll
Cocobola Fleur-di-lis
Canary Wood  Fleur-di-lis

Cocobola Celtic Knot
 Canary Wood Celtic Knot
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